Family Auto Mart first opened in 1993 in Melbourne, Florida. In the beginning, it was just a husband and wife team. Soon thereafter, here came the famous Darlene. Darlene is the first employee hired and still works at Family Auto Mart to the present.

The day the company became magical was the day the Family Man did a cartwheel on television. It's still amazing to see a 340 lbs. 5'10" man do a cartwheel with poetic beauty. This rare exhibition of "Wheel'in & Deal'in" still to this day can't be duplicated. Many have tried, far & near, but they confirm that only the Family Man is "Wheel'in and Deal'in"!

Once the Family Man realized his special powers, he began to provide newer cars and superior financing to people that got turned down or turned away from regular-type dealers & banks. People that walked, rode buses & bicycles and even cross-country skiers flocked to Family Auto Mart. The Family Man began doing cartwheels from morning until night. Soon Central Florida was thirsting for more of the Family Man. I even heard one lady say, "If I could just get one glimpse of the Family Man, my car troubles would be over."

Family Auto Mart, to this day, sells more used cars than any other dealer, but that's not the most important part. It's the reason everyone, young & old, wants to come & have a hilarious car buying experience. I ask you, where do you go to achieve that? Of course, the answer is "Wheel'in & Deal'in" with the Family Man at Faaaaaamily Auto Mart!

I'll see ya here!
The Family Man


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